Crkva Svetog Save na Savincu

Savinac, Gornji Milanovac

Church of St. Sava - basic information

Savinac is a hamlet in the village of Sarani, located near Takovo. If you are passing through Takovo, Gornji Milanovac or Cacak, take the time to visit this Orthodox church that sighs among the trees and in the preserved natural environment. Many legends are connected to it, one of which tells about how Saint Sava used to go there a long time ago and left a trace of his horse's hooves in the stone.

Church or monastery
The church dates back to the 19th century, more precisely from 1819. Throughout history, it was also proclaimed a monastery, but it has not retained that status today. Perhaps the reason for the change in status lies in the fact that it was built near the remains of the medieval Savinac monastery.
Although no archeological excavations have been carried out, pottery and glass remains have been found at the site.
The founders of the Savinac monastery were Nemanjici, and it is believed that Saint Sava attended its consecration. In the 16th century, the Turks destroyed the monastery, but later renovations failed to preserve it. Regardless of that, a church was built next to it, which we can visit today.

Construction and renovation of the church
The Church of Saint Sava is the endowment of Prince Milos Obrenovic and today it represents a cultural monument in the category of cultural property of great importance. There are two stories about the idea for its creation. One says that Prince Milos said that he would build a church there if he won against the Turks on Ljubic, which happened. Another testifies that the prince's brother, Milan, wanted to build a church there, so after his death, Prince Milos did so, in his honor.
The builder who worked on the church is Milutin Godjevac, and the interior was painted by Italian masters.
The church was renovated in 1860 as part of the prince's wife, Princess Ljubica when new parts were added.
In 1910, a new narthex was built.

The significance of the church
In the crypt of the church are the relics of the daughter of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, Mina Karadzic Vukomanovic, her husband, Aleksa Vukomanovic, as well as the parents of Princess Ljubica.

How to get to the church of Saint Sava
The church is located in the village of Sarani. It is less than 4 kilometers away from Takovo.
It can be reached by car in 5 minutes, driving along the Red Army road.

Additional information
To enter the church, it is necessary to be properly dressed, with covered shoulders and without short clothes.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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