Kuća srpsko-norveškog prijateljstva

Petra Kočića 1, Gornji Milanovac

House of Serbian-Norwegian friendship

If you pass along the Ibar highway, there are great chances that you will notice a building at the entrance to Gornji Milanovac that looks like a Viking ship, but also a traditional Serbian log cabin. Due to its characteristic appearance, it very often attracts the eyes of passers-by.

Well, then why not stop by and see what it's all about? The House of Serbian-Norwegian Friendship, also known as the Norwegian House, is a unique and specific building located at the very entrance to Gornji Milanovac. This unusual building has behind it an impressive story that crosses two nations, Norwegian and Serbian.

History of the Norwegian House

Formerly known as the house of Yugoslav-Norwegian friendship, this building is a symbol of mutual support between the two countries that shared a part of history.During World War II, about 4,000 Yugoslavs were taken to concentration camps in Norway. Due to the fact that almost half of the prisoners, about 1,600 of them, managed to escape from the camp or escape death with the help of the local population of Norway, the Yugoslav-Norwegian Friendship Society was created.

The idea itself came from the members of this society, formed in 1969, which consisted of representatives of the surviving camp inmates and Norwegians who helped them. When it was decided that the building would be built in Šumadija, the architect Aleksandar Đokić devised a conceptual solution that was supposed to represent the spirit of both peoples. That is how the memorial building was created, which partly looks like a Viking ship, and partly like a traditional Serbian house.

Norwegian-Serbian friendship house today
The house is almost entirely built of wood that was processed in Norway and then mounted on the place where it stands today.
It was officially opened in September 1987 and has been available to visitors ever since. It is a kind of museum of memory because in its attic there is a museum display with personal items of Yugoslavs who stayed in Nazi camps in Norway. On the ground floor, there is a conference room but also a catering space that is available for guests, so it is possible to drink coffee or lunch inside the restaurant or on the terrace overlooking Gornji Milanovac.

Work hour
  • Local cuisine restaurant Norwegian House - every day 8 - 23h
  • Phone 032 715 782
  • The whole complex is open to visitors at the same time as the restaurant
How to get to the House of Serbian-Norwegian Friendship
  • You can arrive by car from Belgrade in 2 hours, and you will see the House right next to the Ibar highway at the entrance to Gornji Milanovac.
  • You can easily reach the main bus station on foot, and for that you need to set aside 10 minutes, through Železnička and Vojvode Mišića Street.
  • The taxi stand is located right next to the main bus station, and you can also call the vehicle of one of the taxi associations Permier taxi 032 715 151, Golf taxi 032 701 222, S Taxi 061 722 722 4