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In Sumadija, a region rich in natural and cultural assets, rich in history and tradition, lies Takovo, a settlement of great importance for the development of the Serbian state. It is one of the unavoidable destinations if you are in this part of Serbia, because on its surface it keeps the symbols of the resistance of the Serbian people against the Turks. Also, with its good connection with Gornji Milanovac, which is only 10 kilometers away, it is a kind of open-air museum that is easy to reach and worth visiting.

History of Takovo
Takovo was included in significant events in Serbia in the 19th century. What every book from history teaches us is that the Second Serbian Uprising was raised on this very day on the holiday of Flowers on April 23, 1815, under the leadership of Milos Obrenovic. Although many elementary school students had the opportunity to get to know this place on excursions, it is always good to go again and feel the spirit of the past that still lives on.

Takovski grm and museum of the Second Serbian Uprising
One of the insights related to the uprising is the so-called Takovski grm (Takovo Bush), ie the oak under which the plan for raising the Second Serbian Uprising was made. Unfortunately, during the lightning strike, the oak was damaged, but some parts of it were preserved in the museum of the Second Serbian Uprising in Takovo and the church of the Holy Trinity in Gornji Milanovac.
Instead of the old oak, there is another, younger one nearby, which Mihailo Obrenovic planted and determined to be the next symbol of the uprising. The space where the oak, memorial monuments and the museum are located, where testimonies of this and other important events of that time are kept, have been turned into a historical complex.

Monument to the Second Serbian Uprising and monument to the Takovo Uprising
The monument to the Second Serbian Uprising was erected on the place where Mihailo Obrenovic once took the oath to the insurgents, in 1887. The Takovo Uprising monument is displayed on the pedestal of Miloš Obrenovic and Milentije Pavlovic. The work is the work of sculptor Petar Ubavkic.

Log cabin church

One of the oldest church buildings of this type in our country. As its name suggests, this church does not have a typical appearance, because it was built of wood as a log cabin, in 1795. It is also known because the insurgents took communion in it after the decision was made to start an uprising. A speech was held in front of the church, which marked the beginning of the uprising.

How to get to Takovo
  • You can get from Belgrade by the Milos Veliki highway, in an hour and a half.
  • From Gornji Milanovac you can reach Takovo by car in 15 minutes.
  • You can order a vehicle from one of the taxi associations in Gornji Milanovac.
Permier taxi 032 715 151, Golf taxi 032 701 222, S Taxi 061 722 722 4
Museum opening hours and ticket prices
  • Working hours of the Museum of the Second Serbian Uprising: 9:30 - 17:00 on weekdays and 11:00 - 16:00 on weekends
  • You can inquire about ticket prices by calling the museum's phone number: 032 573 60 38.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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