Kostunici - Basic information

Kostunici is a village located near Gornji Milanovac, which is an unavoidable destination if you are in the Moravica district. It has a characteristic name that often leads to the question of its origin. According to legend, the village was named after the forest of stone nuts that was widespread in the area.

The most important information
The Kostunics are positioned at the crossroads of larger cities in western Serbia, Cacak, Gornji Milanovac and Valjevo. It is an easily accessible village, from which you can easily continue your journey to Divcibare or Rudnik. Although it does not cover a large area, it is a place rich in cultural and historical assets. It also represents an area that is ecologically preserved, so you will find there a complex called Eco Village Kostunici. The extremely clean river Čemernica flows through Koštunići. If you are a nature lover and have a holiday during which you will be able to relax with the charms of rural tourism, this is the right place for you.

What to visit in Kostunici
  • Church of St. Petka
  • Prodanovica magaza - a magazine that was in the private possession of the family from Pranjan was bought and transferred to Kostunici. The exhibits of the Ethno Museum are kept on the ground floor of this building, as well as documents and objects that testify to the Battle of Suvobor.
  • Memorial message - at the very entrance to the village stands a monument - a memorial message that was erected after the NATO bombing in 2000. At the top of the monument is an apple divided in half, which stands as a symbol of strength and health. Below the apple is a message written in both Serbian and English. It was compiled by the young Milica Cekovic and sent to Chelsea Clinton, Bill Clinton's daughter, during the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999.
  • Zivojin Misic Museum - the museum is located in the primary school in Kostunici. It exhibits paintings, weapons, exhibits and relief depictions of the deployment of armies during the Battle of Kolubara-Suvobor.
  • Zoo - is located in a fenced area that spreads over 2 hectares, where animals such as ponies, mouflons, alpine prawns and others, can move freely.
  • Artificial lake
Eco village Kostunici
There are also accommodation units in the village that justify the adjective eco. Visitors can be accommodated in sculptures, balconies, or apartments located in the heart of the village. A complex was built that in a natural environment offers the opportunity to spend a few days in wooden houses, eat local cuisine and feel all the benefits of healthy air and natural lifestyle.
On the website Eko selo Kostunici you can get additional information about accommodation, restaurants, tours and tours that are organized.

How to get to Kostunici
  • If you come from Belgrade by car, you can reach the Ibar highway via Rajac, as well as via Gornji Milanovac and Takovo.
  • If you are coming from Cacak, take the road to Pranjane, then Leusce, and after 3 kilometers turn right. You will soon find yourself in Kostunici.
Additional information
If you want sports and recreational tourist experiences, you can walk, fish, ride a bike, or pick herb


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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