Jezero Šumarice

Šumarice, Kragujevac

Lake Sumarice – the most important information 

Lake Sumarice is an artificial lake in Kragujevac. It is located three km away from the city and it has a decorative purpose, to beautify the memorial park. The lake has become popular among citizens of Kragujevac as a place for rest and cooling down during the hot summer days. It is rich in flora and fauna and offers a large spectrum of fun activities for the visitors.

Characteristics of Lake Sumarice
Lake Sumarice is 1,500 meters long and 175 meters wide. It is about three meters deep and its inhabitants are fish such as carp, pike, Prussian carp and chub. One of the unusual species of fish that lives here is the American bass, which was brought in the late nineties. The lake was made as a part of the memorial park and gives additional charm to the entire nature and greenery that surrounds it. The left side of the lake is fully arranged, with an 800-meter-long shore, benches, cafes, promenade and terrains. The lake can be completely circled, through an arranged part of the shore over a trail that leads through the forest. During the walk, visitors can be greeted by several fishermen who fish every day on the lake or by ducks that live on the shores near the water. In addition to recreational summer activities, the lake also hosts numerous festivals, parties and events that attract a large number of young people.

Activities on the lake
The large number of people attracted to this beautiful lake implied a large number of activities available for fun and relaxation. If you decide that the lake is where you want to spend a few days Woodland resort is the right place to stay. The combination of rustic and modern will delight you so much that you will definitely want to come again.

The lake itself offers a huge number of activities for quality time. All activities take place during the summer months when attendance is highest. In the list below you will surely find something you will enjoy:
  • Swimming
  • Zip line
  • Boat or scooter ride
  • Volleyball on the sand
  • Water polo
  • Sailing
In addition, there are activities for children such as adventure park and playgrounds.

How to get to Lake Sumarice
Lake Sumarice can be reached by walking through the Memorial park Sumarice or by one of the taxis or bus lines:
  • Bus lines: 3, 15
  • Taxi stations: Cool Taxi Kragujevac 034 200555, Pink Taxi 034 301040, Mega Taksi 034 363639


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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