Lazareva pećina

Zlot, Bor

Lazar's Cave - the most important information

Lazar's cave is the longest cave in Serbia. It is located 21 kilometers from Bor. It is a very attractive tourist destination and it was arranged for that purpose in 1953. The trail is 800 meters long. The cave is also an important archaeological site.

Characteristics of the Lazar's Cave
The first tests of the cave were performed by Felix Hoffman in 1882, and a few years later by Jovan Cvijic. The cave was formed by an underground river that still flows through it. It has been protected as a natural monument since 1949, and it has also been declared a geoheritage object of Serbia. The cave hides a huge treasure in the form of the remains of objects and animals from prehistoric times. It contains the remains of copper objects such as needles and buttons and fossils of today's extinct animal species such as cave bears, lions and hyenas. On an annual level, the cave hosts a large number of tourists who have the opportunity to feel the spirit of antiquity through beautiful halls such as: 
  • Preston Hall 
  • Concert Hall 
  • Bat Hall
Today's inhabitants of the cave are mostly bats that further increase the feeling of awe towards this monumental heritage.

Working hours and ticket prices
The cave is open every day from 9am to 4pm. If you want to preserve the memory of this historic site, you can do so by buying souvenirs in a souvenir shop that has the same working hours as the cave.
Ticket prices vary by type:
  • Individual: 300 dinars
  • Organized student excursions: 250 dinars
  • Children from 4 to 7 years of age: free entrance
Protection measures and rules of conduct
During the visit to the cave, it is obligatory to follow the safety measures and rules of conduct given by the guide. It is not allowed to run, shout, touch the exhibits and climb on parts of the cave that can endanger safety.

How to get to Lazar's cave?
Lazar's Cave is about 220 kilometers away from Belgrade. The cave can be reached via Brestovacka Banja, from the village of Zlot, which is located 18 kilometers from Bor.