Muzej rudarstva i metalurgije

Moše Pijade 19, Bor

Museum of Mining and Metallurgy - the most important information

The initial name of this museum after its founding in 1961 was "National Museum", and in 1974 it was changed to "Museum of Mining and Metallurgy". When founding a museum, experts and qualified museologists set the basic concept of the museum's work. Eight members of socio-political, public and cultural workers participated in its establishment.

History of the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy
The museum is a modern museological institution. It is equipped with over twenty thousand exhibits classified by archaeological, ethnological, historical and artistic significance. The professional departments of this museum are archeological and ethnological, around which a large number of experts dedicated to the research of prehistoric excavations and objects that indicate the course of ancient history gather. In addition to the museum, there is also a park-museum of mining and metallurgical equipment. This museological installation includes machines that were used in the RTB Bor plants until recently. The exhibition consists of over twenty exhibits of larger dimensions, exhibited in the park next to the same Museum building, on about 4.5 ha and represent a unique museum exhibition of its kind in the open in our country.

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All preserved collections cover the period from four and a half thousand years BC to the end of the twentieth century AD. Special attention is drawn to stone tools, medieval jewelry, money and ceramics. In addition to numerous exhibitions, the museum often organizes special programs in the form of workshops for children and adults in order to educate people about archaeological objects and ancient history.

Working hours and ticket prices
The working hours of the museum are every working day from 8am to 8pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Entrance is free.

How to get to the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy?
The museum is located in the city center, near the House of Culture and the park-museum. It can be reached from the main street of Nikola Pasic.


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