Spomenik Đorđu Vajfertu

Trg oslobođenja, Bor

Monument to Djordje Vajfert - the most important information

The founder of the Bor mines, George Weifert, has his monument in the center of Bor. It is made of bronze and pays tribute to all industrialists, miners and bankers in Serbia. It was made by a famous Serbian sculptor, Sava Bosijokovic. The monument was erected in 2011.

About Djordje Vajfert
Djordje Vajfert was a Serbian industrialist and the governor of the National Bank. He was born in 1850 in Pancevo. He opened a brewery in Belgrade, mines in Kostolac and Bor, and thus became the creator of modern mining in Serbia. He was also one of the richest and most influential people of his time, founding the National Bank where he was governor for the same twenty-six years. During the First World War, the entire treasury was transferred to Marseilles, where the bank continued to operate during the war. He received the title of honorary governor of the bank. He loved horses and he invested a lot of money in horse racing sport. He was generous with cultural and humanitarian institutions and liked to collect old money. He was proclaimed an honorary citizen of Pancevo in 1923, and of all the decorations, this was his favorite.

About the Monument to Djordje Vajfert
The statue of George Weifert is two meters high and was made in the Bor copper factory. Bosijokovic said that at the time of the design of the statue, he worked for twenty hours because he did not want to betray Boran's trust. The idea to erect a monument to Weifert originated from the Bor mining and smelting basin. The monument is located on Liberation Square, in the city center.

How to get to the Monument to Djordje Vajfert?
The monument is located in the very center of the city and can be reached from the main street Nikola Pasica, on the right side of the roundabout.