Subotička peščara

Šupljak, Subotica

Subotica sandstone

The Subotica sandpit is located in the north of Serbia, near Subotica, on the border with Hungary. It is the second largest sandstone in Vojvodina after Deliblatska. Due to its natural beauty and green environment, it is one of the main tourist attractions of Vojvodina.

About the Subotica sandstone
The sandstone of Subotica stretches from the northwest to the southeast, so it is sloping. The sand dunes are four to six meters high. Although it does not lack moisture, the Subotica sandstone has always been the most infertile soil in Backa. In the immediate vicinity of the sandstone, certain forms of traditional living have been preserved, as well as certain farms. Pescara has been protected by the state since 2003 under another category of protection, as a good of national importance. The area of ​​protection covers over five thousand hectares where hunting or any other endangerment of flora and fauna is prohibited.

Natural beauties
The sandstone area is forest-steppe, and the most important wetland habitats are formed in the valley of the river Kires, which are considered the most endangered in Europe. Among the rare natural species, the saffron plant must be mentioned, which is a synonym for the flora in this sandstone. There are also planted oak forests, white and gray poplars as well as especially valuable swampy forests. When it comes to fauna, a large number of birds, as many as one hundred and seventy species, are recorded, as a consequence of the diversity of habitats. In addition to birds, there is also a rare species of rodents - a blind dog from Vojvodina that spends most of its time underground and feeds on grass roots.

Activities in Subotica sandstone
In addition to the many natural beauties, there are various activities that can be enjoyed:
  • Excursions Majdampek and Lake Tresetiste (famous excursion routes in this part of Serbia)
  • Rokin farm (rustic country house with a long history. Visits are organized from April to October)
  • Equestrian Center Furioso
How to get to Subotica sandstone?
Subotica sandstone is located half an hour's drive from Subotica. In addition to taxi services and public transport to this destination, which further facilitates the visit of tourists:
  • Bus lines: 25


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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