City Museum - the most important information

The City Museum in Subotica is an institution of great importance founded in 1892. The founder of the museum was the Municipal Assembly of Subotica. In 2008, the museum was moved to an imposing 18th-century Art Nouveau building.

About the City Museum
The priority of the City Museum is the preservation and presentation of anthropological, ethnological, historical and natural values ​​from the history of art. In addition to the library in the museum, there are also separately established units for these departments. The archaeological collection consists of objects found at the most important archaeological sites and represent one of the most significant cultural heritage dating from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages. The museum exhibits its large opus in numerous permanent and occasional exhibitions. The aim of the museum is to acquaint visitors with the former appearance and culture of people from prehistoric times, but also to acquaint them with historical facts that are not so well known.

Exhibitions of the City Museum
A large number of valuable items from the past that the City Museum has are presented in a likable and educational way to visitors of all ages. The permanent exhibitions of the museum include the following exhibits:
  • Nature and man
  • Gallery of Hungarian Fine Arts
In addition, special, occasional exhibitions can also be found in the museum's repertoire such as:
  • Exhibition: Archaeological Introducer (interactive exhibition for preschool children in which they learn about archeology)
  • Exhibition: Buda Baroque Painter Matija Žeravić (presentation of original works by a Buda painter and reproductions of his frescoes)
  • Workshop for children: What is buzzing here? (workshop on plant pollinators for the youngest)
Working hours and ticket prices
The working hours of the City Museum are from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. The ticket price for one person is 100 dinars.

How to get to the City Museum?
The City Museum is very easy to reach because it is located in the city center, near the synagogue, and it can be reached by exiting the roundabout, on the left side of the Synagogue Square. Bus lines that run near the museum are as follows:
  • Bus lines: 1A, 6, 22, 23, 25