Savremena Galerija Subotica

Park Rajhl Ferenca 5, Subotica

Contemporary Gallery Subotica - the most important information

The contemporary gallery was founded in 1962 by a decision of the City Assembly. The founder entrusted the duty of the gallery managers to organize public exhibitions in the field of painting, sculpture and other forms of contemporary art on an annual basis. The contemporary gallery provided the audience with the opportunity to think critically when it comes to contemporary art and thus contributed to the quality of cultural life.

About the Contemporary Gallery Subotica
A few months after its founding, the Contemporary Gallery is organizing its first painting exhibition called The First Art Encounter. This exhibition has become one of the most popular held by the gallery and attracts a large number of both local and leading artists. Starting with work and various exhibitions, the gallery is slowly starting to form its art collection and to systematically purchase works of art in order to complete it. Today, the gallery is a center for learning about all types of contemporary art, while preserving its rich history. It is located in the beautiful palace of Ferenc Reichl, a local architect. The building has been protected as a cultural monument since 1973.

What to see
The contemporary gallery gives visitors the opportunity to enter the diverse world of contemporary art through a large number of paintings and exhibits that evoke a sense of admiration. The collections that are part of the gallery are:
  • Collection of drawings and graphics (the collection contains about 700 units and provides a significant cross-section of events in the world of graphics in Serbia)
  • Collection of paintings (home of works by numerous authors from Vojvodina and authors of the native circle)
  • Collection of ceramics and sculpture (formed in the sixties, this collection is one of the most impressive from the entire opus of the gallery)
  • Collection of new media (a collection that pays respect to the most advanced forms of contemporary art in the media)
Working hours and ticket prices
The working hours of the gallery are as follows:
  • Monday - Friday: 08am - 19pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Ticket prices are classified according to the following criteria:
  • Individual: 100 dinars
  • Pupil, student, senior: 50 dinars
  • Group: 50 dinars
  • Family: 200 dinars
How to get to the Contemporary Gallery Subotica?
The contemporary gallery is located near the city center, next to Ferenc Reichl Park. It can be reached from Djure Djakovic Street. Bus lines that run near the gallery are:
  • Bus lines: 1A, 3, 6, 23, 25


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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