Planina Stol

Stol, Bor

Mountain Stol - the most important information

Stol is a mountain in eastern Serbia, sixteen kilometers away from Bor, in a district called Timok Krajina. It is located between Veliki and Mali Krs and abounds in mountainous terrains and vast meadows. It is suitable for all types of winter and mountaineering sports and is one of the main attractions of this part of Serbia.

About Mountain Stol
At the foot of the mountain Stol there is a large number of karst springs. Lush forests, pastures and meadows give the mountain the look of a true natural oasis. If you have an adventurous spirit, you will gain a large number of friends because the visitors of this mountain are mostly mountaineers, paragliding lovers, scouts and excursionists. The peak of Veliki Krs is a hill with a sharp peak and steep cliffs. It stretches between the road that connects the villages of Gornjane and Vlaole to the north and above the town of Bor to the south.

The climate of Stola is mountainous-continental. The preserved ecosystem of this mountain contributes to an unforgettable stay. In addition to the space for winter sports, the wider area of ​​the mountain is also perfect for hiking tours. So far, as many as 13 hiking trails have been arranged. In addition to the spring, at the foot there is a small lake in which the whole mountain is reflected. The inhabitants of this lake are chub and crucian carp. At the foot of Stol there is a mountain lodge which is surrounded by spacious meadows and the peaks of Mali Stol and Vizak. From the top you can see the mountains Deli Jovan, Veliki Krš, Crni Vrh, Malinik, Rtanj, Stara Planina, Miroc and Carpathians, and when it is very clear you can even see the river Danube.

Travel tips
Nature can sometimes be cruel, so you should always prepare well for it in order to avoid all unwanted situations and preserve safety. When visiting this magnificent mountain, keep in mind the following:
  • Always carry enough water and food
  • When walking, it is desirable to have sticks and good and strong footwear from the equipment due to the often demanding terrain
  • If you decide to camp, make sure that all traces of your stay in nature are adequately removed (waste, remnants of extinguished fire ...)
How to get to the mountain Stol?
The starting point to the mountain is Bor, which can be reached by public transport buses from Belgrade. The road to Stol leads across the Cepe pass, which meets the Bor-Gornjane road. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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