Gornjačka klisura

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Gornjacka gorge- the most important information

Gornjačka gorge is located in eastern Serbia, near Petrovac. It is about sixteen kilometers long. It consists of four large meanders on one of which is the monastery Gornjak, which was named after the wind that blows in the gorge.

About Gornjacka gorge

Gornjacka gorge is a landscape of prominent beauty of this part of Serbia and one of the most visited places. In this gorge there are numerous unexplored caves, karst springs and well-preserved forests. In addition to the Gornjak Monastery, there are also the remains of another holy place, the Annunciation Monastery. Gornjacka gorge is really rich in natural beauties. One of them is the natural bridges, Prerasti, created as remnants of cave ceilings. The gorge is rich in history. It contains the fortifications of the old Serbian town, which disappeared after the fall of Smederevo. At the entrance to the gorge, you can see the destroyed guard towers that used to defend the military road that passed here leading to Nis. It is believed that there was a lilac forest in the gorge, which was planted by Empress Milica. The lower parts of the mountain are overgrown with oak forests, and on the highest there are pastures and meadows.

What to see

Gornjacka gorge is really a special place that will not leave any visitor indifferent. Some of the contents of this gorge that you should definitely not miss are:
  • Silent water (in one part of the stream, the river Mlava is not heard at all. That is why this place was named Silent Water)
  • Underground cities of the Gornjacka gorge (mysterious tunnels that lead to the depths of underground bases, cities, halls and passages built by the Germans during the Second World War)
How to get to Gornjačka gorge?
The gorge can be reached by bus, because it is located near the road that connects Petrovac na Mlavi with Zagubica. It is 27 kilometers from Zagubica to the gorge. Buses between Zagubica and Petrovac run several times a day.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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