Krupajsko vrelo

Milanovac, Zdrelo

Krupajsko vrelo - the most important information

Krupajsko vrelo is located in eastern Serbia, at the western foot of the Beljanica mountain. It is located on the right side of the Krupajska river, after which it got its name. You can reach it by an asphalt road that connects Krepoljin and Despotovac. Krupajsko vrelo is one of the natural rarities, which will delight you with its beauty. Find out more about this location below, which you should not miss if you ever pass through these parts.

Characteristics of Krupajsko vrelo
Krupajsko vrelo is located between the villages of Milanovac and Krupaja. It is about 35 km away from Žagubica. This spring creates a karst lake on its surface. Clean mountain air, forests and clear waters are the features of the area where Krupajsko vrelo is located. The healing waters of the thermal spring mix with the cold spring water of Krupajski vrelo and complete the image of this landscape that will delight you with its magical scenes. Krupajsko vrelo belongs to the group of karst springs, and the water temperature ranges from 9–11 ° C.

How to get to Krupajski vrelo?
  • From Belgrade to Krupajski Vrelo you will travel a little more than 2 hours by car (highway A1 / E75 and via Route 161).
  • If you start from Despotovac, you will reach this place in about 30 minutes (via Route 186).
Additional information
When you visit this area, you will have the opportunity to enjoy comfortable accommodation and healthy food, which will be provided to you in the nearby restaurants. Here you will be able to try the unique specialties of local cuisine, such as trout, which you can catch yourself, if you wish. In addition, there are the following specialties: Homolje lamb, Homolje cheese, porridge and a large selection of ready meals and grilled dishes.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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