Manastir Gornjak

Breznica, Zdrelo

Gornjak Monastery - the most important information

Gornjak Monastery is located on the extended plateau of Mlava, in Gornjacka gorge. It is the endowment of Emperor Lazar, and since he was outside the borders of transit routes due to his position, he managed to survive. It was built in 1381. The inspiration is the famous song by Djuro Jaksic, Path to Gornjak.

Characteristics of the Gornjak monastery

When the Serbian state fell under Turkish rule in 1459, the monastery suffered numerous damages. He had his own parish with ninety-nine homes. It was rebuilt twice during the Turks and suffered the worst fate during World War II when it was burned by the Germans. At that time, many valuables were destroyed, such as the charter of Prince Lazar, the flag of Car Dusan, etc. After the liberation of Serbia, it was rebuilt. Today's monastery Gornjak reminds of the old monastery church, except that it lies on the old foundations. The real monastery was built in a cave, above today's. The only feature of this monastery is the picturesqueness of the inner walls with masterpieces of woodcarving and the iconostasis from the nineteenth century. As part of this valuable cultural and historical monument, there is a modern residence for accommodating guests, as well as beautiful camping grounds near Mlava. It is protected as a cultural monument of great importance.

What to see
The history of the monastery and its possessions is something that deeply connects it with the faith and spirit of the Serbian people. If you visit this shrine of the Serbian religion, pay special attention to:
  • Chapel of Grigorije of Sinai: Chapel located in a steep cave above the monastery, dedicated to St. Nikola.
  • Paintings: Remains of works from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, among which the most impressive is a fresco portrait of Emperor Lazar.
  • Old and new konak: Ground floor of the building where the monks live.
How to get to the Gornjak monastery?
The monastery is located eighteen kilometers from Petrovac, near the fortress Zdrelo. It can be reached by the main road through Leskovac.

Additional information
The monastery can be entered appropriately dressed, in clothes that cover the knees and shoulders.