Archaeological site of Belovoda - the most important information

Have you heard of the Belovode site? It is a significant archeological site, where the remains of a Neolithic settlement from 5400 BC were found. This settlement was created during the Vinca civilization, and disappeared in a fire caused by raids by vandal tribes. You can find the remains of the Belovode site at a distance of 2 km from Veliki Laol, or on the tri-border with the villages of Tabanovac and Krvije.

Characteristics of an archaeological site
If you didn't know, the melting of metal, for the first time in history, started at the Belovode site. This was proved by the results of laboratory tests at the institutes of archaeometallurgy in London and Oxford. Apart from a few figurines, parts of residential buildings were also found at this site, so it is assumed that there was once a settlement with about a hundred houses on this area of ​​100 hectares. The archeological site of Belovode stands out from the others in terms of the material from which the houses for housing were built. The discovered remains showed that the former inhabitants of this settlement were important for the discovery of new construction material. This material was obtained by mixing fine clay and ground limestone and was similar to today's concrete.

How to get to the Belovode site?
  • Belgrade is 127 km away from this archeological site, so you will travel to it by car in about an hour and 40 minutes (by highway A1 / E75).
  • From Ždrelo you can reach the Belovode site in just twenty minutes drive (via Route 161). You will have at your disposal a taxi service offered by Accommodation Novaković (060 0330 647) or Homolje auto-taxi transport (062 334 776). The price of transportation is 60 dinars per kilometer traveled, regardless of the number of passengers.
Additional information
A male statue with accentuated masculinity was found at the Belovode site, which is a novelty in the religious understandings of people of the younger Stone Age. In addition, a large number of stone tools were found, such as: axes, scrapers, daggers and other objects used by the former inhabitants of this locality.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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