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Have you ever visited the theater in Petrovac na Mlavi? If you haven’t, it’s time to do so soon. In the following text, you can find out about the history of this theater and the way in which you can reach it in the safest way. Stay with us and learn something new!

Theater history
The first record of the founding of a theater in this city was left by Žika S. Milovanović, a legend of the Petrovac theater scene. According to him, the Amateur Theater "Mlava" was founded in 1908 in the hotel "Sarić". This hotel was a place where numerous performances took place, especially in the period before the Second World War. Petrovac na Mlavi stood out from most cities at that time, giving an important place to art by founding a theater. The following individuals are responsible for that: Živko J. Đorić, Velimir P. Kuzmanović, Mika Dimitrijević, Mika Milovanović Kicoš, Živka Miljković, Dragoljub Živković Montinjoza and many others. Dragoljub Đurić has been managing this theater since 1927, and then its name was changed to the Amateur Theater "Mlava". The theater continued to operate during the war period, giving all citizens a little serenity in difficult times.

How to get to the theater?
  • Belgrade is a little less than 130 km away from Petrovac na Mlavi. It is best to get to this place by car. However, if you can’t, there is another way.
  • You can reach this city by bus. From the bus station you can reach the Petrovac theater on foot (in just 2-3 minutes across Petra Dobrnjca Street).
Additional information
  • Today, the theater in Petrovac na Mlavi has over 20 members and more than 30 plays take place in it every year.
  • In the early 90's, this theater began hiring professional directors, set designers, costume designers and choreographers, which significantly contributed to the quality of theater performances.
  • The name of the theater has been changed several times, so that today it would be called "Dragoljub Milosavljević Gula" Theater, after a prominent theater, film and television actor of the Yugoslav scene, who was born in Petrovac na Mlavi.
  • If you have additional questions, feel free to call one of the following phone numbers: +381 (0) 12 331 065 or +381 (0) 12 331 755.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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