Tasmajdan Park - basic information

In the center of the city, at the intersection of large streets and boulevards, there is a green oasis - Tasmajdan Park. This is probably one of the most famous parks in Belgrade and a favorite place for people who are looking for rest and enjoyment among trees and animals. In addition to impressive beauty and size, this park has a rich history.

History of Tasmajdan Park

Long ago, the Romans saw the potential of this place, which was rich in stone for exploitation. It was then that the stone used for construction was taken from the area for the first time. Even a large number of old buildings in Belgrade were built of stone from the quarry from Tasmajdan. That is why Tasmajdan got its name, because in Turkish, tash means stone, and majdan - mine. Catacombs created by digging and quarrying stone later served as military warehouses.

But other historical events also make Tasmajdan a special place. It is believed that the relics of Saint Sava were burned here. In addition, this area once served as a cemetery, which was later moved to the site of the New Cemetery. About ten years after that event, in 1835, the church of St. Mark was built on Tasmajdan, which was destroyed during the bombing in 1941, during the Second World War. Fortunately, the new church that was located in its immediate vicinity survived. Today it bears the same name, the church of St. Mark, and is one of the symbols of Belgrade.

Tasmajdan Park today
After the end of the Second World War, a decision was made to establish a park on Tasmajdan, and to make the area of ​​the former quarry a sports center. The idea was put into practice, and we can admire the results even today. This park has become one of the favorites for vacationers from Belgrade, as well as for activities with children and pets. It is full of greenery, in a very accessible location, and within it there are several bars and restaurants with terraces overlooking the park and the former quarry. The park is arranged and adapted for both children and adults, so there are playgrounds for children, as well as tables for playing chess. The Church of St. Mark is an indispensable part of a tour of the park, and a small Russian church is tucked behind it. In addition to greenery, the Church of St. Mark and the Russian Church, the park preserves many cultural and historical monuments, such as the monument to Desanka Maksimovic, Don Quixote, The Lying Act, Victory, The Sitting Woman, as well as the monument to Patriarch Pavle from 2018. which is located on a plateau in front of the church.

What to see in the park?
  • Church of St. Mark
  • The Russian Church
  • Seismological station building
  • A large fountain
  • Cultural and historical monuments
  • Tasmajdan Stadium
  • Sports and recreation center Tasmajdan
How to get to Tasmajdan Park?
The park is located in the city center, surrounded by busy streets of Ilija Garasanin, Belgrade, Takovska and King Aleksandar Boulevard.
  • On foot: from Trg republike you will need about fifteen minutes to reach the park, through Decanska and King Aleksandar Boulevard.
  • By taxi: Pink taxi - 19803; 0800 11 9803; 065 488 99 77 Safe Tax BG - 060 8801010, Lux Taxi -011 3033 123
  • By public transport: there are stops for buses 48, 58, 74, A1, E1, EKO1, 26, as well as tram 7.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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