Pioneers Park - the most important information

Pioneers Park is a protected environment of immovable cultural property that covers 3.6 hectares. It is located in front of the Belgrade City Assembly building.

History of Pioneers Park
On the place where the building of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade is today, there was a house with the garden of Stojan Simic, which the state bought for the needs of forming the residence of the new prince of Serbia, Aleksandar Karadjordjevic. The palace was built between 1882 and 1884 on the order of the King Milan, who also invested in the park itself. The court park had ornamental plants, a cricket court, a tennis court, a bowling alley and a music pavilion. A new yard was planned to be built on the site of the park, but it was abandoned.

After the Second World War, the high stone wall with which the court garden was closed was removed. The park was named after the fountain dedicated to the pioneers, which was built in 1952. Today, within the park there is an underground garage with 467 parking spaces.

Appearance of Pioneers Park
The park can be divided into three subunits:
  • The part next to Kneza Milosa Street where there are the most trees;
  • Flower ground floor without tall vegetation located in front of the Assembly;
  • The part where there is a fountain, a flower ground and two side parts next to the courtyard buildings, towards King Milan Street.
Over the years, Zelenilo Belgrade employees and athletes, winners of medals at various world and European competitions, have planted several trees such as a 40-year-old Japanese maple bonsai tree, a silver cedar and a 20-year-old dogwood seedling.

How to get to Pioneers Park
Since there are important buildings near the park, this part of the city is well connected. You can reach the park:
  • Bus lines: 24, 37, 37N, 44, 511N, 56N, 58, EKO1.
  • By taxi - we recommend Pink Taxi 19803, Belgrade Taxi 19801 and Naxis Taxi 19804.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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