Knez Mihailova Street - the most important information

Knez Mihailova Street is a pedestrian zone and a legally protected street due to its rich history and a series of buildings and townhouses dating back to the 1970s. It was named after Mihailo Obrenovic, the most famous Serbian prince. Today, this street is the biggest landmark of the capital of Serbia.

History of Knez Mihailova Street
The long history of this most famous Serbian street dates back to Roman times, when it was the center of the settlement of Singidunum, and during the time of the Turks, there were numerous gardens with fountains and mosques. In the nineteenth century, one part of the street represented the garden of Aleksandar Karadjordjevic. According to some writings, Knez Mihailova Street is the first Belgrade street to be named. In 1867, the street was regulated according to the plan of the first Serbian urbanist, Emilijan Josimović, who is also responsible for the current appearance of the strict city center and its surroundings. The monument dedicated to him is located at the beginning of Knez Mihailova. Today, Knez Mihailova is also one of the most important shopping centers in Belgrade due to the large number of people who circulate through it every day.

Sights Knez Mihailova
Knez Mihailova, in addition to its historical features, has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Some of the biggest sights are the buildings that managed to resist the weather and now represent a small time machine that intrigues visitors. Some of the most famous are:
  • Albania Palace (once the tallest building in the Balkans was a favorite place of the famous writer Branislav Nusic)
  • Tavern Ruski tsar (built at the beginning of the twentieth century, a place where, during the First Serbian Uprising, there were Turkish ramparts with cannons)
  • Geca Kon Bookstore (a bookstore over a hundred years old, one of the best preserved cultural assets in the country)
  • The building of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (one of the examples of secessionist architecture, with over a million books)
How to get to Knez Mihailova?
Knez Mihailova is the strict center of the city and can be reached from the streets of Vuk Karadzic, Djura Jaksic and Nikola Spasic. It is a short walk from the Moskva Hotel. Bus routes near the street are:
  • Bus lines: 15, 31, 58, 71, 95
  • Trolleybus: 29, 41


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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