Terazije - the most important information

Terazije Square is the most famous square in Belgrade and covers the area from Sremska Street to King Milan Street. It has the status of a cultural good as a spatial cultural-historical whole.

History of Terazije
Terazije began to form in the first half of the 19th century, and in the 1840s, knez Milos Obrenovic ordered Serbian craftsmen to move to live and work in that part of the city. The square is called Terazije after the water tower that was on the place where the Terazije fountain is now, and the Turks called such towers water scales (scales=terazije). The Terazije fountain was built in the part of knez Milos in 1860, and in 1911 it was moved to Topcider, to be returned to the same place in 1976. The buildings located on Terazije were built during the 19th and 20th centuries, and some are still there, while other buildings were built on the foundations of some of them.

Sights on Terazije
Some of the buildings on Terazije that have cultural and historical value are:
  • Albania Palace - this is the first skyscraper in Belgrade that was completed in 1939;
  • Terazije fountain;
  • Hotel Moskva - the former building of the insurance company Russia, was opened on January 14, 1908;
  • Monument to those hanged on Terazije - was built in 1983 in memory of five Belgraders who were hanged by the Gestapo on August 17, 1941.
  • Ministry of Justice building - built in 1883;
  • Milan Jovanovic Photographic Studio - this building is the only one that was built for the needs of taking and making photographs, it was built in 1903;
  • Terazije Theater - the building was built in 1939 and it once housed the Palace of the Pension Fund of officials and employees of the National Bank of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
How to reach Terazije?
  • By public transport - 202N, 22A, 26, 26N, 27, 29, 29N, 301N, 31, 31N, 33N, 47N, 48N, 51N, E2, E9.
  • By taxi - we recommend Pink Taxi 19803, Belgrade Taxi 19801 and Naxis Taxi 19804.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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