Zvezdara Theater - the most important information

Zvezdara Theater is a Belgrade theater founded in 1984. It was founded with the aim of promoting the works of contemporary Yugoslav writers without the constant engagement of the ensemble. Until 2009, the theater had sixty-five premieres.

History of Zvezdara Theater
It is known that the success of Zvezdara Theater begins with the fact that the great acting stars, the best and most popular actors in the country, came from the boards of this theater. Actors and actresses like Seka Sablic, Milena Dravic, Bora Todorovic, Lane Gutovic have left a huge mark in this theater. In addition to a rich acting opus, the theater can also boast of a variety of works that are performed. In addition to pieces by foreign authors, works by domestic ones, such as Dusan Kovacevic and Aleksandar Popovic, are regularly performed. Today, the premises of the theater are located in a building from 1955, which has been adapted several times since the theater stage was moved to the former cinema hall. The big stage of Zvezdara Theater, last renovated in 2001, can accommodate seven hundred visitors. Since March 2010, the big stage of this theater is named after Dragan Bata Stojkovic, who played the most plays at the Zvezdara Theater, as many as 1,102.

Opening hours and ticket price
The box offices of the theater in Zvezdara work according to the following dates:
  • Working days: 9am-8pm
  • Saturdays: 11am-3pm (and two hours before the show)
  • Sunday: two hours before the show
Ticket prices are categorized according to the following criteria:
  • Ground floor: 1,200 RSD
  • Ground floor (last two rows): 1,000 RSD
  • Gallery: 800 RSD
How to get to Zvezdara Theater?
Zvezdara Theater is located near the Sixth Belgrade Gymnasium and can be reached from Batutova Street. You can reach the Zvezdara Theater using the following public transport lines:
Tram lines: 5, 6, 7, 14
Bus lines: 77, 79
Trolleybuses: 28, 40
Additional information
All information related to the theater's repertoire can be found on its official website.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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