Mountain Cer - the most important information

Welcome to Mount Cer, which is located in northwestern Serbia. Apart from having an interesting history, this mountain also has an interesting geomorphological history. Namely, Cer, together with Fruška gora, Slavonian and Vršac mountains, used to be an island mountain in the Pannonian Sea. This mountain is characterized by an altitude of 687 meters, continental climate and microclimate rich in refreshing winds and an abundance of oxygen. All this makes the mountain Cer have a beneficial and healing effect on all visitors.

Characteristics of Mount Cer
Mount Cer is a particularly interesting destination for bird lovers, as it is located on the migratory route of migratory birds. On this mountain you will be able to notice 3 protected species of birds: the village woodpecker, the forest woodpecker and the red magpie. In addition to the mentioned species, Ceru has a nest and an eagle. This mountain got its name from the numerous trees of the cer tree, while some scholars believe that its name is related to the Roman goddess Ceres, who represented the goddess of fertility and protector of grain. When you walk through the forests of Cer, you can find a large number of medicinal plants (over 100 species), as well as forest fruits: wild strawberries, apples, cherries and blackberries. Cer used to be a rich wine-growing region, and the legend tells us that the Roman emperor Probus brought vines to these parts. During the Nemanjić family, the first monasteries were built on Cer: the Radovašnica monastery and the Petkovica monastery.

The historical significance of Mount Cer
The legendary Battle of Cer was fought on this mountain in 1914, which went down in history as the first independent victory of the Serbian army and the first victory of the allies during the First World War. The decisive battle commanded by Major Velimir Čekerevac was fought on August 19, 1914. During the Battle of Cer, the famous Duke Stepa Stepanović showed the then great military power that the Serbian army should also be afraid. A monument with a memorial ossuary was erected in the village of Tekeriš in memory of the heroes who heroically lost their lives on Cer. The engraved words on the monument, Your works are immortal, express the pride of the Serbian people and eternal gratitude to the heroes of Tserkva who fought bravely to the death.

How to get to Mount Cer?
  • If you start by car from Belgrade, you will travel to Cer in 1 hour and 45 minutes (via Route 137).
  • From Sabac you can reach this mountain in about 40 minutes by car. The following taxi carriers will be at your disposal: Čivija taxi (015 348-700), Gradski taxi (015 305-305) and Novi taxi Šabac (015 334-999). Taxi prices are extremely affordable in this city.
Additional information
Cer can also boast of numerous lookouts, which will reveal to you why this mountain is called the Western Gate of Serbia.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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