Gružansko jezero

Knić, Kragujevac

Gružansko Lake - the most important information

Welcome to Gružansko Lake, an artificial lake built on the river Gruž! This lake is located near Knić, a small town in the Šumadija district. Dobrica Erić, a popular Serbian writer, promoted Gružansko Lake through the verses of his poems. Every year, the art colony "Gružanska jesen" is organized on the slopes of this lake, where prominent artists from Serbia, but also from abroad, gather.

Characteristics of the lake
Gružansko Lake has a volume of 64 and a half million m³. Its length is about 10 km, while its area is about 900 ha. The shore of Lake Gruž is relatively low, it is accessible and overgrown with meadows and forests. In the northern part, the width of the lake is from 1000 to 2000 meters, while towards the dam the lake narrows to a width of 100 to 500 meters. The average depth of Gružansko Lake at the maximum water level is 6 and a half meters, while the maximum depth is 35 meters. This lake does not boast a large number of tributaries. The only tributary with a constant flow is the river Gruža. In addition, smaller tributaries are the Boračka River and the Ćurevac and Panjevac streams, which dry up during the summer. Due to such a water balance and high consumption in combination with the inflow of wastewater from 22 surrounding settlements, the process of eutrophication on Lake Gruž has been accelerated. Ice rarely covers the lake completely, except during extremely severe winters. However, when the weather is nice, this lake attracts a large number of visitors, who find peace and escape from everyday problems in this place.

How to get to Gružansko Lake?
  • Gružansko Lake is about 160 km away from Belgrade, so you will need a minimum of 2 hours by car to reach this place (highway A1 / E75).
  • You can reach the lake from Kragujevac in half an hour via Route 24. If you come to this city by bus, we advise you to call a taxi service, which will take you safely wherever you want. We recommend the following carriers: Cool Taxi Kragujevac (034 200-555), Pink Taxi (034 301-040) or Mega Taxi (034 363-639).
Additional information
Gružansko Lake is a habitat for different species of fish, such as: carp, pike, catfish, babushka, bream, perch and many others. Fishermen's competitions are often held here. Lake Gruža plays an important role during the migration of foreign and native bird populations. It is also a wintering ground for some species of ducks and geese because it is located on the Moravian-Vardar migration route.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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