Ski center "Tornik" - the most important information

Welcome to Zlatibor and its largest ski resort, where you will feel like a child again! Ski center "Tornik" is located at an altitude of 1110 to 1490 meters. It is 9 kilometers away from the tourist center of Zlatibor. At this ski resort you will find 5 trails (Čigota, Tornik, Ribnica, Zmajevac and Stankova ravan). It is equipped with the most modern six-seater cable car with 107 seats, whose speed is 5 meters per second and is 1850 meters long. The capacity of the six-seater cable car is about 3000 skiers per hour, while on Tornik, there are two more ski lifts of the anchor type, with a capacity of 2400 skiers per hour. If you are a beginner, don't worry, there is a 150-meter-long conveyor belt for you here, where you can learn to ski with the youngest!

Characteristics of the ski center "Tornik"
Ski center Tornik does not depend on the weather conditions since all its slopes are covered by an artificial snow system. This extended his winter season to about 100 days. Whatever the season, you can come to this place and enjoy various activities. The six-day cable car is used for panoramic rides during the summer. You will be able to use the new type of installation ("tubing") in both summer and winter, and it will give you the excitement that you will remember for a long time. Ski center "Tornik" is equipped with a children's playground and carousel, so your little ones will enjoy this place and will want to come back to it again. Summer facilities also include bobsleigh rails, an adventure park, a mini golf course, multifunctional sports fields, and a zip line.

How to get to Tornik?
  • From Belgrade, you can reach this ski resort in 3 hours by car (via A2 and E763).
  • When you arrive in Zlatibor, you can call some of the local taxi carriers, which will take you safely wherever you want. You can reach the Ski Center "Tornik" in 15 minutes via E763. We recommend: Zlatiborski Alex taxi - 031 846100 or Maxi Taxi Zlatibor - 031 846100.
Additional information
On Tornik, you can also enjoy adrenaline content during the summer months. There are trails for mountain biking: Ribnica, Beli kamen, Previja, and Vidikovac, while for recreational cyclists, there is a trail Marići. In addition to this, all visitors can expect a new downhill trail, as well as a mountain cart trail.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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