Slavija Square - the most important information

Slavija Square is the name of a popular square in Belgrade. This square was named after the old hotel Slavija, which had a sculpture of the goddess Slavija, the symbol of all Slavs, on the 1st floor. Slavija Square is less than 1.5 km away from Terazije (city center), while its altitude is 177 meters. The area covered by this square is 130 meters long and 110 meters wide. Most of the space belongs to the city municipality of Vracar, while the rest belongs to the municipality of Savski Venac.

History of the square
Until the 80s of the 19th century, the area of ​​today's square consisted of a large pond. Former Belgraders hunted wild ducks at that place. Francis Mackenzie, a Scottish entrepreneur, started shaping that space into a square. He bought a large piece of land above today's square, which he later divided into smaller plots intended for further sale. The roundabout on Slavija was built during 1942, during the German occupation. In 1947, the square changed its name from "Slavija" to "Trg Dimitrija Tucovića". In 1962, the Slavija Hotel was opened, which was expanded and modernized in 1989, so that today it has 4 stars. At the end of March 1989, the first McDonald's restaurant in Eastern Europe was opened on this square. At the beginning of the 21st century, the square was officially restored to the name "Slavija", which it still bears today.

How to get to the square?
  • From Smederevo to Slavija you can reach by car in about 50 minutes (via E75). The bus ride will be a bit longer, and you will have the carriers Lasta or Jugoprevoz at your disposal.
  • From Novi Sad to this widely known square you can reach in an hour and 10 minutes (via A1 / E75).
Additional information
Slavija Square is one of the busiest locations in Belgrade. This place is one of the few in the city where all 3 types of public transport operate: trams, trolleybuses and city buses, so traffic jams are inevitable. The road roundabout branches into 7 streets that continue towards other parts of the Serbian capital. What will especially attract your attention is definitely the Music fountain on Slavija, a decorative building, ceremoniously put into operation in 2017.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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