Rakovica Monastery - the most important information

The monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church is located 11 kilometers from the center of Belgrade, in the village of Rakovica. It is dedicated to the archangels Michael and Gabriel. Today, the Rakovica Monastery is a nunnery, and it is headed by Abbess Evgenija, together with numerous nuns, they form the sisterhood of the monastery.

History of Rakovica Monastery
The origin of the monastery is related to the 16th century, but there are no exact data on who built it, only speculations that it was built during the time of the Serbian king Milutin. The monastery was first built near Avala, and then moved to the place where it is today. During the war between Austria and Turkey, the monks picked up all the important church relics. At the end of the 18th century, the war ended, and then the monastery began to be slowly rebuilt by Prince Milos Obrenovic. Until 1959, it was a men's monastery, later the decision was made to be a women's monastery and it is so to this day.

What must you see in the monastery of Rakovica?
In the narthex of the church you can see the tomb of Jevrem and Tomani Obrenovic, as well as Vase Carapic, the famous Serbian hero of the First Uprising. In this monastery is the tomb of Patriarch Dimitrije and Patriarch Pavle. Across the road from the monastery is a spring of healing water dedicated to Holy Friday. The Sunday liturgy in the monastery begins at 8:30 in the morning.

How to get to the monastery Rakovica?
It is located in Belgrade, in the settlement of Rakovica, on the roundabout that leads to Avala. It is 11 kilometers away from the center, but it can be easily reached from the Ibar highway as well as by bus, 47 (Slavija-Resnik).


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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