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Ljubiš bb, Zlatibor

Zip line Zlatibor - Most important information

Zip Line Zlatibor is one of the most popular attractions in the entire Zlatibor district. The Ljubis zip line is the most visited and the longest in Serbia. It is located about 20 km from the center of Zlatibor, and the drive takes about a minute. All visitors can enjoy the most beautiful view of all Serbian landmarks and beauties by flying over this cable. In addition to the zip line in Ljubiš, there are also famous zip lines in Tornik, Dino Park, and Adventure Park.

The importance of the zip line on Zlatibor

Thanks to the innovative idea of ​​Miroslav Šaptović and his family, the zip line in the village of Ljubiš is visited by many tourists today. Although the attraction is not located in the central part of Zlatibor, it has made an increasing number of tourists focus on the surrounding tourist villages and spend their holidays there.
  •  Credit for the idea and project belonging to Miroslav Saptovic: Zipline in the Zlatibor village Ljubis was opened in 2018. The project's initiator is Miroslav Saptovic, who Djurdjevic's Tara inspired in Montenegro. After receiving the consent of the municipality of Cajetina, he slowly began realizing his idea.
  • The zip line in Ljubis is the longest in Serbia: The length of this route is 550 meters, making it the longest of its kind in our country. The cable is in the highest part at a distance of about 130 meters from the ground.
Opening hours and ticket prices
  • Opening hours: The working hours of the zip line in Ljubis are every day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., depending on weather conditions.
How to get to the zip line on Zlatibor?
The zip line is located in the village of Ljubis, about 23 kilometers from the center of Zlatibor. It can be reached by car or on foot if you are from the vicinity of Zlatibor.
  • By car: If you are coming from the direction of Zlatibor, it would be best to follow the road E-763. He will guide you through the excursion sites of Vodice and Dobroselica, and the whole trip will take a little more than half an hour. If you are coming from Belgrade, you must accept the Milos Veliki highway to Cacak, then follow the E-763 road to the final destination. 


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