Bela stena - Most important information

Bela stena is a famous beach on the island of Forkontumac, located in the territory of Pancevo. The beach is located downstream of the Tamis River, about 12 kilometers from the center of Belgrade. Thanks to its good location and a short distance from the capital, this area is a weekend resort for all who want to enjoy peace and quiet.

Characteristics of the Bela stena

About 300 cottages have been built on Bela stena, and all cottagers pay taxes yearly. There is no sewage, drinking water, or electricity on the island. However, a specific part of the beach is inhabited, with restaurants, an organized beach, and space for various activities.
  • Today, Bela Stena is one of the most popular picnic spots near Belgrade: As early as 1970, Bela Stena became one of the most popular vacation spots, and it stood out, especially as a children's picnic spot. Although it had around 20,000 visitors on weekends at that time, today, its attendance has decreased somewhat thanks to the modernization of Lido in Zemun and Ada ciganlija. However, in the summer months, Bela stena is by far one of the most visited picnic spots in Belgrade.
  • The well-organized beach offers tourists many activities: Bela Stena is adorned with the famous sandy beach, and only the beginning is inhabited by restaurants, while the rest is under the forest. Tourists swim, sunbathe, boat on the Danube, fish and camp here, and some are here even during the winter.
How to get to the Bela stena?
The Bela stena can only be reached by boats that are organized for transportation during the summer months. 
  • Transportation is organized from Visnjica and Pancevo. Also, the beach can be reached by boat from the weekend village of Capljin, which can be reached by car, turning right off the Belgrade-Pancevo road in the part near the overpass.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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