Church of the Name of Mary - The most important information

The Church of the Name of Mary is one of the most beautiful and most recognizable symbols of Novi Sad. This beautiful church of magnificent architecture and unique design proudly adorns the main, town square in Novi Sad and it is impossible not to notice. It stands out especially with its imposing architecture and lavish decoration. The interior of the church does not lag behind its beautiful exterior. It is a Roman Catholic church with a very impressive and unique look.

Church history
This imposing building is the first Catholic church in Novi Sad that was successfully built in the first decade of the 18th century. The church is located on the main town square, and its exact address is Trg slobode, in the very center of Novi Sad. The church was demolished in 1742, but then a new building was renovated, more precisely this current cathedral. The church as we know it well today was built in 1895, and it was designed by the recognized and prominent architect and builder Đerđe Molnar.

The significance of the church
The Church of the Name of Mary is extremely important for the cultural heritage of Novi Sad. Although Roman Catholics are a minority, they managed to get their church in the heart of this beautiful city. It is very important for the Roman Catholic population and for the representation of all faiths. The church is a symbol of peace, tolerance and equality among all religions. It is an indicator of how the coexistence of different peoples and religions can take place without any problems, and that is its great significance.

What to see
The church has a tower and a large roof. The roof reaches an impressive height of 22 meters and the tower is 72 meters. What you must see is the architecture and interior of the church. The cathedral has a very specific and unique look that fits perfectly with the rest of the city. It is a Negotian style of architecture. The sound system of the church is very impressive, so special concerts are organized here. Pay special attention to:
  • 4 church altars
  • Stained glass windows
  • Biblical scenes and coats of arms of Novi Sad, influential families
  • Church organ from 1904
  • Bust of architect Molnar

How to get to church
The Church of the Name of Mary is located in the heart of Novi Sad, in its center, so its location is very good. This means that it is well connected with other parts of the city, as well as that all interested tourists can easily find it. You can reach the church:
  • by car
  • by bus: 1, 17, 62, 9
  • by train: NS-SU

Time to visit
The church is open to all visitors from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 4 p.m. The only exception is the week when the worm is open between 6 and 30 o'clock, until 16 and 30.

Additional information
Since you come to a religious and cultural institution of great importance, you need to always be properly trained.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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