Church of the Assumption - The most important information

This important, baroque church is located in the street of the same name and is one of the important and popular attractions of Novi Sad. It is located in a very beautiful area and is a building of great importance for Serbian culture, tradition and religion. The church is very beautiful, simple, but impressive. This important church is a cultural monument of great importance. In addition, the Church of the Assumption is one of the most recognizable and greatest symbols of Novi Sad.

History of the Church of the Assumption
It was built from 1765 to 1774. It is a cultural monument of exceptional importance. It is interesting that once upon a time, the Church of the Assumption was the oldest church, only to be later replaced by a new building that still exists today, back in 1776. The entire church was built inside and out in an authentic and special Baroque style. Serbian painting of the 18th century is best presented in the interior of the church, which houses a rich and luxurious iconostasis created by the Markovic brothers.

Significance of the Church of the Assumption
As a religious building that gathers a large number of believers, the significance of this church is extremely great. It is a holy place that is a symbol of peace, faith and tolerance. The Church of the Assumption is a place that is important for our long culture, tradition and history. Inside the church you can find extremely valuable paintings, as well as valuable works of our fine art. Prominent and recognized citizens of Novi Sad, as well as nobles, were buried around the church. The Church of the Assumption is a meeting place of faith, culture and tradition. Such a place has a meaning that transcends and conquers time.

What to see
We have selected for you what you should definitely see in this church:
  • authentic baroque style of architecture
  • woodcarving and painting works
  • impressive wall painting by Joca Jovanović
  • church port

How to get to the Church of the Assumption
You can reach the Church of the Assumption:
  • By bus: 1, 3, 62, 8, 84
  • By train: NS- SU
  • Own vehicle


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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