Gradska kuća u Novom Sadu

Pozorišni trg 1, Novi Sad

City Hall in Novi Sad - The most important information

Novi Sad is one of those cities where you will find some interesting detail wherever you go, and we have tried to single out just some of the wonderful attractions it offers. One of the most famous attractions is, of course, the City Hall, which is located in the heart of Novi Sad and is one of its striking and recognizable symbols. We are sure that the location, as well as the beautiful architecture of this building, whose every detail was taken into account, will leave you completely breathless, just like many tourists before you.

History of the Town Hall

The town hall was built in 1895. From then until today, the town hall in Novi Sad is the main seat of the mayor of Novi Sad. It is about one of the most beautiful buildings on Freedom Square, in the heart of this beautiful, Vojvodina city. The town hall is one of the most impressive buildings in Novi Sad, so it is no wonder that, over time, it has become a real attraction. The first significant session in the City Hall took place back in 1894. At the very top of the Town Hall, a special tower was built to serve as firefighters to monitor the city. That is why an imposing bell was built in 1907 with the image of St. Florian. Florian was known as a brave protector of fires in all cities, as well as in Novi Sad

Significance of the City Hall
The significance of the City Hall in Novi Sad has always been great. The institution itself is as old as the status of a free town, and that alone speaks volumes about the exceptional importance of the City Hall. In addition to the importance it has for the entire city, the City Hall is, at the same time, one of the most beautiful buildings in Novi Sad. From then until today, the City Hall continues to be a significant and prominent place in this city. Once upon a time, the guards of the City Hall carefully watched the city and their task was to ring the bell in case of fire. The bell also rang every day at five in the morning to mark the beginning of the market. Today, however, the significance of the City Hall is somewhat different. Today, its significance is more reflected in the fact that it is an institution that is incredibly important for the cultural heritage and history of the entire city.

What to see
We have selected for you what you should definitely see during your visit to this important facility:
  • Allegorical figures on the facade
  • Symbolic medallions in the ceremonial hall
  • The bell of the high tower

Working hours of the institution
The working hours of the City Hall are from Monday to Friday in the period between 7 and 30 to 15 and 15. Then it is open for all visits. The facility is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

How to get to the City Hall
The town house is located in a great location in Novi Sad and you can reach it:
  • By buses: 1, 17, 53, 55, 62, 85
  • By train: NS-SU
  • Own vehicle


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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