Vladičanski dvor

Zmaj Jovina 27, Novi Sad

Bishop's Palace - The most important information

This imposing and magnificent building is one of the most beautiful and significant in the whole city. Novi Sad is widely known for its very unique and special architecture. The town house stands out and stands out with its design and its exceptional significance. The very end of the famous Zmaj Jovina Street in Novon Sad is the place where you will find the famous Vladičanski dvor. As for the architecture itself, this courtyard is one of the most important buildings in the city.

History of the Bishop's Palace
The first court was built by the great bishop Visarion Pavlović back in 1741. Unfortunately, the yard was destroyed during the bombing, so the issue of new construction arose in 1849. The whole project was conceived and made in detail by the famous architect Vladimir Nikolić back in 1899. However, a cardinal mistake happened because he did not sign and protect it as his work and idea. Instead, the famous Ferenc Reichl, a man who is the creator of many interesting and unusual buildings in the north of Serbia, wisely did that. In that way, the dust and media pomp that arose around the construction of this magnificent court settled.

Significance of the Bishop's Palace

The significance of the Bishop's Palace in today's, modern times is mostly reflected in the fact that the court itself is one of the most valuable architectural works in the entire city. Many point out that this courtyard is a real marvel of architecture and that is why it regularly attracts a large number of tourists. Its importance today is most noticeable in the field of tourism, which is constantly evolving. The influence of the East, Byzantium, and the decor of medieval monasteries are noticeable on the facades, but also in the interior of the courtyard. That is why the Bishop's Palace is a very important and unusual building of great importance for Serbian culture.

What to see
What every tourist should pay attention to when visiting Novi Sad and this courtyard is its imposing and luxurious architecture, which is rich in decorative details. In addition, it is important for all tourists that there is a monument to our great poet Jova Jovanović Zmaj right in front of the courtyard. Many claim that it is here that you will be able to best feel the atmosphere of the old, city core. There are no rich decorative elements when they did not delight, so this place is one of the unavoidable attractions of Novi Sad.

How to get to the Bishop's Palace
We have singled out for you how you can all get to this court:
  • By buses: 1, 14, 17, 62, 84, 9
  • By train: NS-SU
  • Own vehicle


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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