Newlyweds Square - the most important information

Trg mladenaca is one special place in Novi Sad. It is a beautiful square with a long tradition and history, a place where many generations gather today. The square is surrounded by a beautiful palace of a wealthy family from Vojvodina. It is about the Adamović family, which was widely known for its excellent wines and cognac. Their magnificent palace further beautifies this square and gives it even greater significance. The square is located just behind the old old post office building in Novi Sad. Novi Sad is full of attractions, and Trg mladenaca is certainly one of them due to its importance, its beauty and great location.

History of Newlyweds Square

Trg mladenaca is located in the former Žitna pijaca. As times have changed, so has the square and its primary purpose. Considering that the history of this square is very long, a lot of interesting events took place on it, over a long series of years. The square often changed its name. Elizabeth Square, Wilson Square, then Lenin Square, all of these were popular names for Newlyweds Square. One of the important figures for the reconstruction and renovation of this beautiful square is the prefect Feliks Parčetić. The prefect built a magnificent residential palace which is decorated in the Classicist style, and today houses the registry office.

Significance of Newlyweds Square
Novi Sad is full of sights, cultural institutions, important institutions, spacious squares and magnificent buildings that will surely leave you completely breathless. Newlyweds Square is definitely one of them. There are many beautiful buildings in this location that further beautify Trg mladenaca. A special place on this square is occupied by its significant landmark, the symbol of the square, the fountain of wishes which is the work of the prominent sculptor Mladen Marinkov. Today's significance is mostly reflected in the fact that today it has become a place where many marriages and communities are concluded.

What to see on Newlyweds Square
One of the most important buildings on this square is the Adamović Palace. The palace was built back in 1911. It is an imposing and magnificent object that is worth your visit. Of course the whole ambience of the square is something you have to see. Around the square itself there are several prominent and significant buildings built in the style of Classicism and Neo-Renaissance. In addition, here you can see the Gate and the Fountain of Wishes, which is the work of sculptor Mladen Marinkov.

How to get to Trg mladenaca

There are several ways to get to this square:
  • Bus: 1, 14, 53, 55, 62, 81, 84
  • By train: NS- SU
  • Own vehicle


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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