Futoski Park - Most important information 
Futoski Park is one of the 4 largest green oases in Novi Sad. This park is important both because of its origin and because of the preservation of many species of plants. It is open for visits throughout the day and is the perfect place to rest and relax.

History and building of the park
The fate of Futoški Park is intertwined with the story of Jodna Banja, once a famous rheumatology hospital in Novi Sad. The park was created at the beginning of the 20th century, with the idea of ​​ennobling the space around the hospital and bringing a little color and beauty into the lives of the patients who stayed in it for treatment. It was designed by the famous Hungarian landscape architect Armin Pec Jr., in a mixed style, which was dominant in garden architecture of that period. In 1986, the whole of Jodna Banja and the park became protected by law as a cultural monument of great importance.

Appearance and characteristics of the park
The park is an extremely interesting point with two differences. The first is the rich natural world, because when Futoški Park was declared a natural monument of the II and III category. Numerous exotic species can be seen in the park, unusual for the Vojvodina area. During the construction of the park, numerous exotic and autochthonous species were built: sycamore, magnolia, sophora, ginkgo, marsh cypress, black and white pine, Pančić spruce, pedunculate oak, white poplar, wild chestnut, pedunculate oak. Pyramidal white poplar trees are especially decorative.

The crown of Futoški Park is the castle of Jodna Banja, which was built in the Art Nouveau style. This valuable old building belongs to the group of the most striking buildings on the west side of the city and additionally beautifies the ambience of the park and the entire area. In the western and northeastern part of the park there are beautiful playgrounds for children, and in the southwestern part of the park there is a small lake and several geothermal springs. There are five entrances to the park, while the main entrance to the park is from Futoška Street.

How to get to the Park?
Futoški Park is located in the settlement Sajmište, which borders the center of Novi Sad. Thanks to this, Futoški Park is accessible and you will easily reach it no matter from which direction you come. Possible ways are:
  • By car - the south side of the park is the famous Futoška Street, which intersects with the Boulevard of Liberation. These two lines are the best route, which will take you straight to the Park.
  • On foot - if you decide to walk to Futoški Park, you need to follow the route of Jevrejska Street, Bulevar oslobođenja and Futoška Street, just like by car.
  • By taxi - Novi Sad has a large number of taxi carriers, which will take you to Futoški Park for a decent amount of money. We recommend: MBR-Taxi: 021 500222


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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