Spomenik na Ljubiću

Cara Lazara 24, Cacak

Monument to Tanasko Rajic - the most important information 

The memorial complex, within which the monument itself is situated, is located in the area of the village of Ljubic near Cacak. It was built in 1938 and is dedicated to the battle of Ljubic, which took place in 1815. It represents an immovable cultural good and is under the protection of the state. It is less than 4 km away from the center of Cacak.

History of the Monument to Tanasko Rajic
Sculptor Milovan Krstic designed the monument, which is the oldest in the complex. Within the complex, there is a cemetery of fallen railway workers and workers in the National Liberation War, as well as the graves of Red Army fighters and national hero Radomir Djurakic. The church, which is the last added piece in the memorial complex, is dedicated to the Holy Prince Lazar.

The monument on Ljubic is in the shape of a high obelisk standing on a pedestal. It is decorated with a bronze frieze with a representation of Tanasko Rajic and his fight for freedom till death.

Significance of the Monument to Tanasko Rajic 
  • The monument and memorial complex are a landmark of great importance.
  • They are dedicated to the brave insurgents led by Tanasko Rajic in the fight for liberation in which laid down his life on April 25, 181.
  • It stands as a reminder of the liberation wars of the 19th and 20th centuries. 
How to get to the Monument to Tanasko Rajic?
From the central town square in Cacak, it is possible to follow several routes for arrival by your own vehicle or on foot. Affordable taxi services are also always available.
  • By car: follow the road 179 through Bate Jankovica and Milenko Niksica streets to Djordje Tomasevica street until the turn to Dragoslava Bojica street which leads you to the destination. The same route can be followed for a walk to the memorial complex, but it takes 50 minutes.
  • Taxi stations: Mega Taxi 032 340350, Pink Taxi 032 320640, Ca taxi 032 320032, As taxi 032 320333