Galerija Nadežda Petrović

Cara Dušana 6, Cacak

Memorial and art gallery Nadezda Petrovic - the most important information 

The oldest cultural institution of this type, outside Belgrade, was founded in 1961. It is named after the great Serbian painter and photographer Nadezda Petrovic, who was born in Cacak and the people remember her the most as the heroine of the First World War. Her work covers periods of symbolism, impressionism and fauvism. During her years of creation she made about 100 sketches, several watercolors, and almost 300 works of oil on canvas She is considered the founder of modern art in Serbia and was active in the social and humanitarian field. Today, the gallery has exhibition spaces in two separate buildings and carefully preserves and regularly exhibits all the works it owns.

The history of Memorial and art gallery Nadezda Petrovic
At the suggestion of the Council for Culture of the People's Committee of the Municipality of Cacak, the gallery was founded on May 31, 1961. The first exhibition organized by this institution was in the Ceremonial Hall of the Gymnasium and was called Nadezda Petrovic and Contemporaries. The building of the elementary school Vuk Karadzic was assigned for the use of the gallery and the adaptation of this space was completed in April of 1965. In July of the same year, a ceremony was organized to mark the opening of the Nadezda Petrovic gallery. At that time, the exhibition Memorial of the First Yugoslav Art Exhibition in 1904 was opened in the new building, which reconstructed exactly that event of gathering of Balkan artists from the beginning of the 20th century. Since its founding, the gallery has organized over 320 exhibitions, 25 Memorial exhibitions, 44 exhibitions in other cities adorned with works by 1,616 artists, various art groups and associations from around the world.

Significance of the Memorial and art gallery Nadezda Petrovic 
  • As its main tasks and activities, the gallery states the monitoring and application of contemporary art practice, which it develops through exhibition and publishing activities, and especially through the protection of movable cultural goods that it owns in its fund.
  • The buildings used by the gallery have been declared cultural monuments as works of urban architecture of special significance
  • The Nadezda Petrovic Memorial, a biennial exhibition organized by the gallery, grew into an international exhibition in the early 2000s where it emphasized such aesthetic and ethical values ​​and it put Cacak and Serbia on the art map of the world.
  • ArtMagazin declared the gallery the best in Serbia in 2010

Repertoire of the Memorial and art gallery Nadezda Petrovic
The artworks that this art gallery hosts are representative works of Serbian art. There are over 1,300 of them and they are classified in 7 collections:
  • Nadezda and contemporaries: 45 paintings by 25 authors, 12 of which are the work of Nadezda Petrovic; contains works by, among others, artists Nikola Besevic, Leposava Bela Pavlovic, Vasa Pomorisac, Ivan Radovic
  • Yugoslavian paintings of the second half of the 20th century: 356 works from the Yugoslav art scene that were purchased at the exhibitions Nadezda Petrovic Memorial
  • Contemporary art: collects current art productions in 21st century styles
  • Bogic Risimovic-Risim Memorial Collection: the legacy that the family of Bogic Risimovic-Risim donated to the city after his death; it is presented as a whole at family’s request, and it is a special gallery exhibition space in his renovated house at Gospodar Jovanova 11
  • Legacy of the Bozidar Prodanovic Family: the family of this artist has donated to the gallery a collection of his works containing paintings, drawings, watercolors, graphics and mosaics that will be exhibited in the space in Gospodar Jovanova Street after the completion of adaptation works
  • Collection of drawings and caricatures by Pjer Krizanic
  • Sonja Savic Memorial Collection
In addition to the permanent exhibition, the gallery organizes programs for children, youth and the general public, which include graphic and fashion design, literature, architecture, music, film, photography and related fields.

Ticket price
You can visit the gallery in a group of at least 5 people or as part of a school visit that will have an expert guide. Group visits should be scheduled in advance every working day between 8 am and 3 pm. Tickets include a visit to the exhibition space of the Nadezda Petrovic Gallery at Cara Dusana Street as well as the Risim Gallery at Gospodar Jovanova Street.
  • Individual visit 100 dinars
  • Group visit 50 dinars
  • School group 100 dinars
Admission is free for preschool children and art school students, accompanied people with disabilities, students of the Faculty of Philosophy, Architecture and Arts  and members of ICOM, the Museum Society of Serbia, ULUS and ULUPUDS with a membership card. All educational programs for children and adults can be followed free of charge.

Working hours
  • Tuesday-Friday 10: 00-20: 00
  • Saturday-Sunday 11: 00-14: 00
How to get the Memorial and art gallery Nadezda Petrovic?
The Gallery can be reached on foot from the center of Cacak and it does not take more than 10 minutes. Taxi services are also always available.
  • On foot: from the city center, follow Milosa Obilica Street towards Skadarska, from where you cross to Gradsko Setaliste and Zupana Stracimira. Follow that street all the way to Cara Dusan and the National Museum Cacak, from where the gallery is not far.
  • Taxi stations: Mega Taxi 032 340350, Pink Taxi 032 320640, Ca taxi 032 320032, As taxi 032 320333