Spomenik vojvodi Stepi Stepanoviću

Gradsko šetalište, Cacak

Monument to Duke Stepa Stepanovic

A monument to Duke Stepa Stepanovic stands proudly in front of the main post office building in Cacak. It was built during the life of Stepanovic and it pays tribute to this great man of Serbian history. It is located near the city center, on the corner of  the street named after the duke. Additional work has begun on the plateau of the monument, which will further beautify the space that we recommend you visit, without any financial compensation, when you are in Cacak.

History of the monument to Duke Stepa Stepanovic

Stepan Stepanovic- Stepa (1856-1929) was born in the Belgrade neighborhood of Kumodraz. He held the rank of duke and had many army decorations. He took part in the Serbian-Turkish, Serbian-Bulgarian and Balkan wars, as well as in the battles during the First World War. History remembers him as an important military leader who showed his exceptional intelligence and strength, especially in the Battle of Kolubara and Cer. After the wars, he spent the last years of his life in Cacak, where he died and was buried on April 30, 1929. The bronze bust of the monument is 245 cm high and it is turned towards the house where the duke lived. From the monument to the house, there is a street covered with plaques that has battles in which he participated highlighted.

Significance of the monument to Duke Stepa Stepanovic
  • A monument to this great military leader was erected while he was still alive to commemorate his successes.
  • The stone obelisks in the shape of cannon shells surrounding the bust bear the names of the places where Stepanovic took the victory.
  • Replicas of this monument exist in Kumodraz and Loznica and it is an important part of the tourist offer in Cacak.
How to get to the monument to Duke Stepa Stepanovic?
The monument is located in the central part of the city and it is easiest to reach it from the square by a short walk. If you prefer a ride, you can follow the same route or call one of the taxi services.
  • On foot: follow Zupana Stracimira Street to the National Museum of Cacak where you will turn left into Gospodar Jovanova which leads you to the monument.
  • Taxi stations: Mega Taxi 032 340350, Pink Taxi 032 320640, Ca taxi 032 320032, As taxi 032 320333 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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