Vujan Monastery - the most important information 

In the area of ​​the village of Prislonica, in the middle of the road that connects Gornji Milanovac and Čačak, there is the monastery Vujan, which belongs to zicka diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The wooded slopes of Mount Vujan hide this monastery, which is believed to have originated in the 13th century. It has specific architecture and its construction is connected with the merchant Nikola Milicevic. Coming to this monastery is a great trip idea when you are in this part of Serbia and it will present you a significant part of Serbian history.

History of the Vujan Monastery
The original church of the monastery was built by monks from Mount Athos when they began their life in the Ovcar-Kablar gorge during the reign of King Milutin. It was called Obrovin, but specific data on that period does not exist. On its foundations, in 1805, Nikola Milicevic from the village of Lunjevac built today's church as his endowment. Radisav Milosevic from the village of Prislonica helped him with the construction. At that time, a konak and a stone fountain were built next to the church. Today, the monastery is male, it is still active and it celebrates the Council of the Holy Archangel Gabriel as its patron saint. The monastery church is dedicated to the Holy Archangel Mihailo.

The appearance of the monastery can be connected only with the old village architecture. The disproportionate dimensions and the round bell tower that was built instead of the dome make up its characteristic design. The original iconostasis was lost while part of the renewed works from 1808 was moved to the Church of Bogorodica in Gornja Trepca. Today, the inner walls of the monastery are decorated with works from the 1940s. From the time of the original creation of the church, there is a pillar of the table of honor, an icon with a Greek inscription that was brought to the monastery in 1809 and the flag of Duke Lazar Mutap with 3 coats of arms saved.

Significance of the Vujan Monastery
  • It has been declared a cultural monument of great importance.
  • It is known for the relics of the "Vujan Saint" which are located inside the temple.
  • Nikola Milicevic and his grandchildren Nikola and Nikodija, who died in the May coup, were buried within the monastery complex.
  • Serbian Patriarch Pavle stayed in this monastery during his life.
How to get to the Vujan Monastery?
It is best to get to the monastery from Cacak by car. The road leading to Gornji Milanovac will take you to the Vujan Monastery, which is located on the 4th km of the road.
  • By car: Follow the streets Zupan Stracimir and Bate Jankovica all the way to Beogradska; from there you cross into the Crvene armije which you follow to the left turn towards the Put prema groblju from where you further join the state road 22 which leads you to the monastery.
Additional information
To enter the church it is necessary to follow a specific dress code that includes covered shoulders and no short pants, skirts or dresses.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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