Bilješka stena

Jagoštica, Tara

Biljeska stena - the most important information 

The northwestern extension of the Tara mountain, the Zvijezda mountain, has the Biljeska stena viewpoint. The viewpoint is 2.7 km away from the settlement of Rastiste and 5.5 km from the untouched nature of Predov krst. The road to the viewpoint is easily passable and marked. A visit to Biljeska stena is a must when you find yourself in this part of Serbia.

About viewpoint Biljeska stena

The lookout is at 1225 meters above sea level and is located on the border of the nature reserve "Zvezda". It overlooks Lake Perucac, the Drina Valley and the beginning of the canyon, as well as Osat and the settlement of Klotjevac. These areas are rich in trees of Pancic spruce, hundred-year-old pines, mixed forests and canyon vegetation that is specific to the area. Due to climate change, Pancic spruce trees have been drying up in recent years.

The lookout is protected by a fence and is equipped with wooden tables and benches that are ideal for a break and a short picnic. Near Biljeska stena is a hut that was built for the purpose of shooting the film Some Birds Can’t Fly. The hut is used freely today and can be visited.

How to get to viewpoint Biljeska stena?
From Tara National Park to Biljeska stena the easiest way to get is by car via the Road to Rastiste. Signalisation along the way will be of great help, and the walk to the lookout point itself will take you through landscaped and marked trails.
  • By car: Head north towards Konjska reka and Mitrovca ​​on Tara where you join the state road 403. You pass the lookout point Banjska stena and at the villa Sarac turn onto the Road to Rastiste which you follow to and through the Kamenolom from where the lookout point is not far


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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