Oslusa - the most important information 

In the area of ​​Ravna Tara, 8 km away from Mitrovac, is the Oslusa viewpoint. One of the most spacious lookouts of Tara is easily accessible and well equipped for a break from walking. In its vicinity are places and localities that are ideal for excursions. We recommend that you visit this viewpoint during your stay at Tara or the surrounding area.

About viewpoint Oslusa
Oslusa is a spacious locality on the steep slopes that lead to the Drina along the Tar highway. It is located at an altitude of 964 meters. When you find yourself on this viewpoint, your view reaches the Drina, Bosnia and Bajina basta. This area is ideal for people who enjoy mountain biking, paragliding for which a take-off point was made and long walks through forest landscapes. There is a wooden canopy on the viewpoint with a seating area, benches and tables where you can enjoy a picnic or a well-deserved rest. Near Oslusa are the lakes Perucac and Zaovine, as well as Tepih livade and the Kozja stena viewpoint with which you can enrich your trip.

How to get to the viewpoint Oslusa?
It is best to reach Oslusa by car on the state road 403. The road is well marked and suitable for driving, and the walk to the lookout is not strenuous and is facilitated by marked paths and signs.
  • By car: Head north to the Sekulici and Baserovina from where you join the state road 403. On your way you will pass a large number of apartments and villas. From Mitrovica on Tara to Oslusa you can take the road to Kaludjerske Bare where at 6km you turn left and follow the 2km macadam road to the location.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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