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The Janjac viewpoint is located on one of the highest peaks of the Tara National Park. This lookout, located in Zaovine above Gornji Karaklije, is definitely one of the most beautiful in Serbia. As it is on the very border of Serbia and Republika Srpska, the view allows you to peek into the scenic landscapes of that country. The road itself is not too physically demanding and you should not miss the opportunity to visit it during your stay on Tara and in this part of Serbia.

About viewpoint Janjac
The viewpoint stretches at just under 1,500 meters above sea level. After a walk through the village of Karaklije, where is a marked path about 3 km long that leads you to the viewpoint, at the top you will find enchanting nature and a view of the villages of Zaovine and Lake Zaovine, Tara massif and Visegrad. The walking path that leads you to the lookout will take you through the striking landscapes of Tara, which are ideal for taking photos and enjoying the fresh air. If you visit Janjac on clear days with the help of good equipment, you can even see the well-known bridge that Ivo Andric wrote about in Visegrad.

How to get to viewpoint Janjac?
It is best to reach the village of Karaklije by car and park in the foothills from where a walk awaits you. The walk is partly gentle and without ascent, but the part through the wooded areas is a bit steeper, so you need to dedicate yourself carefully to the ascent.
  • By car: State road 403 will take you to Karaklije and on that road you will pass through Zaovine, Marici and Racunici and next to a large number of apartments, villas and restaurants


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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