Crnjeskovo - the most important information 

The viewpoint Crnjeskovo is located on Barovo brdo, below the Manastirski stanovi. It is only 3.5 km away from the center of Kaludjerske Bare and is a part of the Tara National Park. In its vicinity is the Raca Gorge Nature Reserve, which includes Ladjevacka vrela and the Raca Monastery from the 13th century. A trip to the reserve and the viewpoint are an unavoidable part of a visit to Tara.

About viewpoint Crnjeskovo
The lookout is located on a narrow protruding rock of a small area, at an altitude of 1035 meters. The view from the viewpoint shows you the valley of Bajina Basta, the gorge of Raca, Sokolina, Gradina and the rock of Krstaca. The viewpoint area is protected by a fence and a bench with a table has been built where you can rest from walking. The Raca Gorge Nature Reserve on the steep sides of the mountain massif is rich in animal and plant species and is a brown bear breeding reserve. The Raca Monastery, located inside the gorge, is known for its book rewriting activities, and from the viewpoint you can see the cave where the books were kept. Although the Crnjeskovo viewpoint is the perfect place for a picnic in nature, the use of open flames and lighting fires in this locality are strictly forbidden.

How to get to viewpoint Crnjeskovo?
The viewpoint is best reached by car, on state road 170, which takes you to the nearest possible point from where you need to walk 15 minutes through the forest. The Crnjeskovo hiking trail leads you to a macadam road that you follow to Manastirski stanovi and you reach a forest with a hiking trail that is well marked.
  • By car: head north towards the village of Mala Reka and continue towards the Jovanovic Mountain House and the Towing Service of Tara and Mokra Gora. At Apartments Malesevic you join the state road 170 which takes you through the places Jasikovice and Laniste to your destination. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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