Viewpoint Gradina - the most important information

Viewpoint Gradina is located only 4.9 km from the center of Zlatibor and attracts many visitors because of its location. Due to its proximity, you can catch a wonderful view of the urban part of Zlatibor, but also the surroundings that will surely take your breath away.

About the viewpoint

The garden rises at an altitude of 1164m, which is why the road to it is an unforgettable experience. From it, the view extends to all four corners of the world and crosses the wild peaks of Zlatibor to settlements and vast landscapes. Those who like to spend their vacation actively can take a pleasant walk up to this viewpoint, where there is a covered wooden platform. There is also a telescope that can be freely used, which is why Gradina, as a place from which you can see a large part of the region, is becoming an increasingly popular attraction.

What to see
When you reach Gradina, look carefully around you because you will notice how the scenes change. If you look to the north you will see a hilly area covered with forests, and going to the south you will see how the forested parts are replaced by meadows and pastures. From here the view extends to all four corners of the world and goes all the way to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina:
  • North: Mackat settlement
  • South: Cigota peak
  • West: tourist resort Zlatibor
  • Northwest: Cajetina and Viogor peak
  • Southwest: Tornik peak
  • East: Arilje
How to get to the viewpoint
A tour of the Gradina viewpoint is mostly part of an organized tour.
  • On foot: the road leading to the lookout goes along the path Kraljev trg - Psacki tunel - Potoci settlement - Gradina and is not too demanding to cross on foot. The length of this tour is about 5km, and the walk takes about an hour.
  • By car: you can go on the surrounding road that leads past the settlement of Kraljevi Konaci. On the way, you will pass by Crni Vrh and the village of Potoci. This road leads to the foot below the viewpoint, from where you have to continue climbing on foot.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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