Rača, Tara

Spring Ladjevac - the most important information 

Popularly known as the "hot spring", Ladjevac is located within the Raca Canyon Nature Reserve. As the Raca Monastery is nearby and they are connected by a walking path, a visit to both locations is an ideal trip when you are in this part of Serbia. The spring is also considered to have healing effects.

The origin of the spring Ladjevac
It is located at the exit from the Raca canyon, on its right side, at 498 meters above sea level. This uncaptured spring belongs to the type of alkaline-thermal springs and is of karst origin. The water temperature is between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius, while the yield is 50 liters per second. The limestone cracks that are located at this place are its source and it flows over 18 meters of bigrene deposits that it formed. Its alleged healing properties help with eye and skin diseases.

What to see
Vrelo Ladjevac is part of the Raca walking trail, which is characterized as an easy hiking trail. Its length is 2100 meters and the most important sites besides the spring Ladjevac are the monastery Raca and the archeological site Skit of Sv. Georgie with the church Banja. These sites preserve the history of the transcription activity that took place in the Raca transcription school. Canyon Race is ideal for walks and hiking, but it is necessary to explore it with full attention because it is home to a brown bear.

How to get to the spring Ladjevac?
You can also reach the spring Ladjevac by a car following the state road 403. This ride will take you to the place Sekulici and even further north where you need to join the road 403 which you follow to the Raca  Canyon and Koprivna from where your destination is not far.
  • On foot: if you are coming from the direction of the Raca monastery, follow the walking path, which is not physically demanding