Istorijski arhiv u Čačku

Gospodar Jovanova 2, Cacak

Historical Archive in Cacak - the most important information 

Professionally connected with the Archives of Serbia in Belgrade, the inter-municipal historical archive in Cacak, in addition to Cacak, also covers the municipalities of Gornji Milanovac and Lucani. With its organization and work, it enables visitors to use and have an insight into the material, as well as to visit it through various exhibitions and cultural and educational activities. The Archive building is located not far from the City Promenade, near the National Museum Cacak. When you are in Cacak, research the program that the Archive planned for that time and be sure to visit it.

History of the Historical Archive in Cacak

Before the founding of the Archive, the documents were neglected and often destroyed, especially during the war periods. With this approach, important documents from the 19th century were lost. With the founding of the Archive Center in Cacak in 1948, organized protection of material began. Since 2011, after numerous changes, it is called the Inter-municipal historical archive for the city of Cacak and the municipalities of Gornji Milanovac and Lucani. The archive uses the building of the former Head of the Cacak District for its needs, on the ground floor of which there is a depot, while on the first floor are located working rooms, a library with a reading room, a gallery and a photo laboratory. The archive fund contains 561 items, including 36 personal and family funds and 14 collections. It performs its activities through technical protection, arranging and processing of materials, publishing, information and use service and through various cultural and educational activities that it organizes.

Significance of the Historical Archive in Cacak
  • The building in which the archive is located was declared a cultural asset of great importance in 1974.
  • The staff of the Archive is highly educated and professionally trained to perform all works within the funds and thus it additionally contributes to the affirmation of the city of Cacak and its surroundings.
  • The cultural and educational service within the Archive is one of the best organized in Serbia, within which important exhibitions and programs are organized.
  • As many as 26 funds of the Archive have been declared a cultural asset of exceptional importance.
Exhibitions of the Historical Archive in Cacak
The Historical Archive presents its material through exhibitions, scientific gatherings, lectures, promotions and publishing texts in the journal Izvornik. The professional staff deals with studious research projects that have been immortalized in documentary television shows, editions of the Archives and it has been awarded at the national level. Among the well-attended exhibitions and lectures are:
  • The British and World War II in Yugoslavia
  • 20 years since the NATO aggression
  • Jovan Ducic in diplomacy
  • People of Cacak in the Great War
  • Railway in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
  • Sretenje Constitution 1835
  • International Archival Conference
  • Material conservation workshop
  • Seminar for archivists
  • Various book promotions
Working hours
The use of archive material in the reading room under the supervision of professional staff is possible every working day between 9 am and 2 pm. The working hours of the archive itself are:
  • Monday-Friday 07:00-15:00
How to get to the Historical Archive in Cacak?
The street where the Archive is located is not far from the city center, so it is possible to walk to it or use your own vehicle. City taxi services are also always available.
  • On foot: to the building of the Archive in Gospodar Jovanova lead you the streets of Zupana Stracimir and Cara Dusana. 
  • Taxi stations: Mega Taxi 032 340350; Pink Taxi 032 320640; Ca taxi 032 320032; As taxi 032 320333


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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