Janja monastery - the most important information 

Also known as the monastery of St. Joakim and Ana, it belongs to the Milesevo ​​Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is located in the village of Rutosi, in the vicinity of which are the villages of Senista and Radoinja. It is mentioned by the people in the songs from the time of Nemanjic rule. Although of a modest size, this cemetery church will amaze you with its appearance and the nature that surrounds it. After the renovation from 2012, it was restored to its original appearance and was consecrated on that occasion. A trip to this monastery is a great addition to a visit to Nova Varos or Uvac.

History of the Janja Monastery
There is no concrete and completely accurate data on when and who founded this monastery on the left bank of the Uvac. The assumption is that it originated at the beginning of the 15th century and that it was destroyed in the 17th century. Also mentioned as a possibility is the earlier founding, which cites Stefan Dragutin as the founder. At one time this was a nunnery. During 1993, experts from the National Museum in Uzice began research at this place, and on that occasion, a marble table of honor, parts of candlesticks and ceramic vessels, as well as the remains of frescoes were found. The church measures 9.3 by 6 meters, and was built of white stone from this area and whitewash. With the renovation from 2008, consecrated crosses were erected. Three years after that, the iconostasis was made and donations were collected for the finishing of the church.

How to get to the Janja monastery?
From Nova Varos, the monastery can be reached by car, which does not take more than 25 minutes by following the E763 highway to Zlatar Lake.
  • By car: From Solunskih boraca Street in Nova Varos, join the E763 highway, which you follow towards the Kocelj City Cemetery and further towards and along Zlatarsko Lake. The road will take you further through Kokin Brod and Radoinja, from where the monastery is not far. 
Additional information
To enter the church it is necessary to follow a specific dress code that includes covered shoulders and no short pants, skirts or dresses. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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