Spomen-groblje na Javoru

Kušići 21, Nova Varos

Memorial cemetery on Javor - the most important information 

The slopes of Mount Javor witnessed the greatest battles fought in the Javor War, and history especially remembers the Battle of Kalipolje. A monument on Javor marks the cemetery where fallen Serbian warriors were buried after the battle in 1876. Near the monument there is a chapel, Vasilija's fountain with a natural water source and Kalipolje, surrounded by beautiful mountain nature. From Nova Varos you will not need more than a 45 minutes drive to the memorial cemetery, and the road itself will take you through the enchanting beauties of the Special Nature Reserve Uvac.

History of the Memorial cemetery on Javor
The struggle for the independence of the Principality of Serbia was waged against the Ottoman Empire, and several battles took place in that period. The one at Kalipolje happened on July 6, 1876 and it brought the Serbian army a heavy blow. A large number of members of the Serbian army were killed, and 7,000 fighters succumbed to severe injuries. The army of the opponents from this battle came out with approximately the same number of victims. On his own initiative, Major Mihailo Ilic organized brigades that bypassed the Turks around Jankov vrh and cunningly won the final victory. He later successfully led the regiments to victories in Sandzak. The central part of the memorial cemetery is occupied by the monument to Major Mihailo Ili built in 1907.

All 7,000 dead warriors are buried in this cemetery, and it occupies 1.5 hectares. Until the period of the Second World War, it was well arranged and all the shortcomings were renewed in 1990. The monument to the major is square in base and made of limestone, on which stands an obelisk made of student marble, and has a pyramidal end. The cross and the year are engraved in it. The plan is to build a church that will be part of the memorial ossuary, and the works are already in progress.

Significance of the Memorial cemetery on Javor
  • This memorial site, together with the monument, represents an immovable cultural asset and as such has been declared a cultural monument of great importance, which is taken care of today by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kraljevo.
  • The memorial cemetery on Jakov is a kind of place of remembrance of the First Serbian-Turkish War and all the brave soldiers and military leaders who laid down their lives in the fight for a better tomorrow.
How to get to the Memorial cemetery on Javor?
From the direction of Nova Varos, you will reach the monument the fastest if you follow the E763 highway, which will take you to a well-marked road that goes directly to the destination. After turning off the highway, the ride will take you past the Rijeka picnic area, numerous restaurants, to the town of Komarani, through the natural beauties of the Uvac reserve and further towards the Dubnica monastery and the town of Ljepojevici, from where the memorial cemetery is not far. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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