Crkva Svete Trojice Nova Varoš

Svetog Save 41, Nova Varos

Church of the Holy Trinity Nova Varos - the most important information 

In the center of Nova Varos, there is a church from the second half of the 19th century, which has experienced one partial demolition in its long history. The interesting part about it is the remains of a Roman building that once existed on the same site. Those are walled up in its foundation. From the central Nova Varos square, it does not take more than a 10-minute walk to reach the church, and in that walk you will enjoy the beauties of this city.

History of the Church of the Holy Trinity Nova Varos
The construction of this church took place between 1857 and 1869. The funds with which the materials were provided came from the local population, the church-school municipality of Nova Varos and the donations of the then Turkish government in the amount of 10 thousand groschen. It is rectangular in base, with a semicircular altar apse. During 1870, the dome that was built within the temple collapsed. Three years after that, the dome was renovated and on that occasion the church was consecrated. The interior of the temple itself has never been icon-painted, but the icons that adorn the altar partition have been there since the church was founded.

How to get to the Church of the Holy Trinity Nova Varos?
The church is only 800 meters away from the central town square, so it is possible to reach it on foot. Numerous taxi services in Nova Varos are always at your disposal, especially if you come from the periphery.
  • On foot: From Duke Petar Bojovic Square, follow Sveti Sava Street which leads you to the church
  • Taxi stations: Goran Tosunovic PR, Taxi Prevoznik Nova Varos, 064 2682385 Halit Dzanovic PR, Auto Taxi, Nova Varos, Djacka 3 033 63320Taxi 707 065 337073 
Additional information
To enter the church it is necessary to follow a specific dress code that includes covered shoulders and no short pants, skirts or dresses. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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