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Grad, Golubac

If you have ever had the opportunity to visit Golubac, then you know that, next to the Golubac Fortress, the Danube is his trademark. Find out more about Golubac and this river below.

Danube on Golubac
  • Golubac is the name of a town in eastern Serbia, on the border with Romania. The river Danube divides Golubac from this neighboring country. It flows through the municipality of Golubac in the length of 52 km.
  •  To begin with, it should be noted that this river reaches the greatest width in its course in this area. The Danube is as wide as 6 and a half km in Golubac itself (Djerdap Lake), only to narrow to only 1 km near the Golubac Fortress.
  •  On the Romanian side opposite the Danube, there are branches of the Carpathians with magical landscapes, while above the Danube, on the Serbian side, there are branches of the Homolje Mountains (up to 700 meters high).
  • The position of Golubac at the entrance to the Djerdap gorge creates ideal conditions for water sports, and the mild winds and the width of the Danube have enabled Golubac to have the best conditions in Europe for sailing on the river. Therefore, this city is the center of Serbian sailing.
  • In addition, it is enough to visit the Golubac Fortress and walk along the path along the Danube to feel all its charms and the unique power of this river.
Facilities on the Danube
Everyone who wants peace and quiet, an escape from reality and city noise, can find it right on the Golubac Danube. This river is extremely rich in fish. In it you will find many species such as: catfish, perch, pike, pumpkin, chub, barbel or sturgeon. Because of this, Golubac attracts a large number of fishermen. What you will especially like is the nice beach at the entrance to this populated place. It is located on the banks of the Danube and is 100 meters long. Golubac beach is beautifully landscaped, covered with sand, with cane umbrellas - which creates a pleasant ambience and the feeling of being somewhere on the sea. From this beach there is a magical view of the Golubac gorge, which you will enjoy. Spend sunny days in this place and treat yourself to the vacation you deserve!

How to get to Golubac?
Golubac is 129 km away from the Serbian capital. In order to cover the mentioned mileage, a passenger car needs an hour and 45 minutes of driving. The shortest way on this route is when you take the E75 highway from Belgrade to the left turn towards Požarevac. From Požarevac, you only need to follow the road 34 and arrive in Golubac.

Additional information
The Danube near Golubac is a real little paradise for all fishermen. Not even bad weather can do anything to them, so you can see them here all year round. Golubac is an ideal place for all lovers of nature and life on the water. This city will selflessly provide you with a lot without expecting anything in return. All you have to do is visit it and enjoy it!


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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